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Description: Andrew Turner (American, 1944-2001) Jazz Club, mixed media painting on board, signed. The most popular color? I enjoyed every day doing what I loved to do: paint.”.Little did I know when I awoke that morning {in the late 70’s} that this day would be amazing. His style was distinctive. His flair for artistic conception and creation second to none. There were paintings not only on board and canvas but on found objects. As a choreographer, Andrew's creations include. Andrew Turner's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $90 USD to $1,300 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. His flair for artistic conception and creation second to none. Andrew Turner was one of Philadelphia’s most prominent artists. Andrew Turner Book His Life and His Art. Andrew Turner 1944-2001. He has taught art in grades K-1 2 in the Chester, Pennsylvania Public Schools and in correctional centers. One is called “Boppin” and the other – I think “Eight Ball.”,“Mr. Read a biography and discover original artworks by Philly artist, Andrew Turner.
Andrew Turner was one of Philadelphia’s most prominent artists. As physically articulate as he is with words, he brings a martial-arts grounded movement practice into dialogue with refined explorations of sensation: at times soft and visceral, at others raw and explosive, but always delivered with precision and nuance. We had no business buying any (given finances at the time) but I’m so glad we did.I also have a copy of Marco Solo (children’s book) with his beautiful work in it. His jazz, church scenes, ladies, families and later his abstract work was purchased by art lovers from all walks of life.

Once in a while, there might appear a touch of wistfulness, but, never ugly, mean or violent.”,Turner Interview and Andrew Turner Paints,“I lived life to the fullest. There are 29 andrew turner art for sale on Etsy, and they cost $982.84 on average.
He has performed, both in Canada and abroad, for such choreographers as Marie-Julie Asselin, Marie Béland, Deborah Dunn, Milan Gervais, André Gingras, Thierry Huard, Sasha Kleinplatz, Ginette Laurin, Lisa Phinney Langley, Paula de Vasconcelos, Pierre-Paul Savoie and others. She had Turner’s paintings in the window. Creating work was *life* and it happened everyday. Buy paintings and prints from the RoGallery collection. Andrew Turner was born in 1944 in Chester, Pennsylvania. Their work was featured in an exhibition at the Pensacola Museum of Art. His use of anything that he put images on is what separates him. A natural storyteller, Andrew casually and approachably builds up the mundane into broader themes of human experience. I say, lyrical because somehow or other, his paintings seemed always to be a positive aspect of whatever scene of everyday life he was depicting. If you saw the church lady, you would hear the sermon. Book sells for $29.As a painter and pacesetter, Andrew Turner produced works of art in a marvelous array of themes. His style was distinctive. His works offer a dense but somehow spacious mix of materials and concerns: tightly cornering between deeply-researched movement studies, performance-lecture thought-experiments and absurdist mise-en-scène Andrew Turner is a contemporary dance artist and choreographer based in Montréal. No other artist I’ve represented in 33 years was more able to touch human beings’ hearts than he did.”,“Andrew Turner was what I would call a lyrical artist who created his own genre of painting, instantly recognizable, no matter what his subject was. Book sells for $29. Each piece offers a constantly shifting lens through which to enter, whether through its candid humour, its thoughtful ponderings on the,Leaving his studies in history and philosophy, and with no prior dance training, Andrew Turner was inexplicably accepted into Concordia University‘s Contemporary Dance Department in 2001. A Philadelphia Jewel. We agreed we would buy one, but couldn’t agree on which one, so we bought two! If you loved music and looked at the jazz painting, you could hear music. His appointments include Artist-in … Later in life Andrew was able to create jazz for the eye!”.Andrew Turner was not just another artist in the gallery. Andrew Turner became a member of the Gallery that day and until I closed in 2011 he was a star.Fifteen solo shows and more than thirty group shows at the gallery and across the country. His works offer a dense but somehow spacious mix of materials and concerns: tightly cornering between deeply-researched movement studies, performance-lecture thought-experiments and absurdist mise-en-scène. Glad that I got an opportunity to meet him.”,“The interesting thing was that his work cut across all ethnicities even though the subject matter was African-American. Buy Book Andrew Turner was an American Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in 1943. The most common andrew turner art material is paper . He was a graduate of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. Moses Malone, Woody Allen, Prince, Maya Angelou, Pennsylvania Academy oF The Fine Arts, McDonald’s, Bell Telephone and Penn State to mention a few.James Caplan has stated, “As a young kid, Andrew would stand outside of the bars in Chester absorbing the jazz sounds created by the visiting jazz ensembles. Even now when I look at his art I am sure wherever he is, Andrew Turner is still a true artist making work everyday.Native Philadelphian Mercer Redcross, III co-founded October Gallery with Evelyn Redcross in 1985.Click contact page above for book signings, seminars and Andrew Turner exhibitions. More than forty reviews that spoke of his talent and vision. If you were a kid who ever looked in a window lusting after a bicycle, you’d feel that in his kid paintings.

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