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Exhibition “Foire Internationale de Bordeaux” 2020. Now Ikea has opened its main production centre in southern Europe in the town—the second biggest furniture factory in the world—employing 1,500 people. The furniture museum in the old town hall goes into more depth about Paços de Ferreira’s flair for woodwork. Fábrica de Móveis, Cozinhas, Roupeiros por medida.

- Prazos de entrega respeitados; 30/07/2013 .

Until the economic crisis this century, 85% of the city’s economy was connected to the manufacture of traditional wooden furniture, through sawmills, factories and showrooms.

0 games ended up winning, 0 draws. It really is the biggest furniture fair in the country. Add these to the exciting ruins of a lost city, once home to thousands of people, and a football team that punches above its weight in the Primeira Liga.Paços de Ferreira has the ruins of a city, spreading over 15 hectares and founded by the Celtic tribes that held sway over this corner of Iberia before the Romans came.Experts rank the site as one of the great castros  (fortified villages) on the Iberian Peninsula: The Citânia de Sanfins was a kind of regional capital, home to 3,000 people at one time What grabs you about at the site is how much evidence remains, as the first metre of each building was made from imperishable stone walls , leaving patterns on the hilltop.And one of its dwellings has been reconstructed with a thatched roof to make the experience a little more real.Next to the ruins you can step inside the Solar dos Brandões for the background and chronology of this mysterious city.The building deserves a mention too as it’s a dignified 18th-century mansion later expanded by a nobleman who made his fortune in Brazil.The galleries inside will tell you about the excavations, which began in 1944 and lasted five decades.You’ll also get a more intimate portrayal of the people who lived in the city, their customs and trade with cultures as far away as the Middle East.In the galleries is a fabulous statue recovered at the site, along with pottery, coins, inscribed stones, masonry nails and a scale model of the city at its peak.Paços de Ferreira’s cultural highpoint is this Romanesque church from the 1100s.This is one of the prized monuments on the Rota do Românico, an itinerary of 21 churches, chapels and monasteries along in the Sousa Valley.Students of medieval architecture are drawn to the building as it rolls together styles from the schools of Zamora (in the archivolts) and Coimbra in the intricate masonry on its capitals.While the ornate carvings on the side portals mirror those found on a church close by in Unhão.Of the newer fittings inside, you can examine the Manueline baptismal font and the polychrome image of St Peter, both from the 1500s.In the bucolic countryside in the north of the county you’ll come across a megalithic monument that has  stood for more than 3,000 years.Also known as the Dolmen de Leira Longa, this is a funerary monument on a deceptively large scale.The total diameter of the site 25 metres centring on a main polygonal chamber that is more than three metres high and comprising a humungous slab held up by nine pillars.You enter along a shot corridor with four smaller slabs on each side.Paços de Ferreira sometimes goes by the nickname “Capital do Móvel” (Capital of Furniture), and that is the focus of the town’s municipal museum.The venue is Paços de Ferreira’s refined former town hall, where pieces of furniture and the tools for making them are exhibited in spacious rooms.There are antique beds, couches, chairs, cabinets, dressers with marble tops, all crafted locally, while the museum also walks you through the process of turning raw timber furniture.You can browse an extensive set of tools like saws, manual and mechanical, wood planes, old vices and workbenches.In Freamunde this 18th-century chapel is one element of a triangular ensemble that comprises a hospice from the same period.Both the hospice and chapel were set up by the Third Order of St Francis, and although the ensemble is small it is perfectly formed.On the chapel’s portal cast your eye over the triangular pediment, which bears the order’s insignia.Just above that is a niche with an stone image of St Francis.Go in to see the understated 18th-century altar and its two lateral retables, blending Baroque and Neoclassical styles.In Portuguese towns pillories hold judicial, administrative and political meaning: They symbolise a town’s autonomy, and were also posts for criminals to be punished in public.The pillory in Paços de Ferreira sits in a little formal garden in front of former town hall, now the Furniture Museum.This one was sculpted from granite in the 18th century and includes a Doric column and capital sporting the Portuguese national coat of arms below under the royal crown.This monument replaced an earlier pillory from the 1400s that disappeared in the 1700s.The highest point in the municipality is under ten minutes from Paços de Ferreira in Penamaior, on the road to Santo Tirso.Monte do Pilar is 500 metres above sea level and when the weather is good Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, the sky-scraper in Maia and Matosonhos are all on the horizon to the west.The eye-catching monument up here is the big statue of Christ the King, from 1961, replacing a previous one that lasted one year before being levelled in a storm.There’s also a small chapel and a picnic area in a grove, and the sunsets are magical up here.With medieval origins, this church was expanded at the start of the 17th century.This turned the building into an oddity, as its only one of two churches in the county to have two identical naves side by side.The facade is sober, without ornamentation except for a Gothic limestone image of St John, the church’s patron.But there are some neat things to be found inside: On the altar there’s an 18th-century Tree of Jesse, depicting Christ’s ancestors.This type of artwork is also very rare in Portugal, and there are only two other recorded examples.West of Paços de Ferreira there’s another compelling ancient site.There’s a dual motive for seeing these ruins and their interpretation centre, because this wooded granite spur also has stunning views over the Ave Valley.The castro is one of the older settlements in the region and has been dated to the 9th century BC.

No ano de 1982, em Paços de Ferreira, cidade conhecida como a Capital do Móvel, iniciamos a nossa actividade no fabrico e comercialização de mobiliário clássico e rústico. Temos a solução ideal para si

Located in the north of the country, 40km from Porto, with over 55,000 inhabitants, Paços de Ferreira has the advantage of a young population: only 10% of the population are aged over 65. Although some of its businesses were priced out by ‘the Ikea phenomenon’, Paços de Ferreira has embraced the Swedish giant. The furniture museum in the old town hall goes into more depth about Paços de Ferreira’s flair for woodwork.For culture, the Sousa Valley’s Romanesque Route passes through, and there are a couple of 1,000-year-old churches ready to be studied.

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