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Back to school trends 2019

It’s estimated that more than half of all school-related purchasing occurs in the summer and early fall.This intense period of interest in a wide range of products is a powerful opportunity for brands. 0. How can marketers make the most of it? Let’s take a look at some tips to keep in mind as you navigate back-to-school. Send us your back-to-school photos. Before classes start up again, parents and students will be doing some serious back-to-school shopping. Back To School Backpack Trends For 2019 August 1, 2019.

Send us your back-to-school photos. Back-to-school is a longer-than-usual holiday season, meaning.Brands in virtually any sector should pay attention to back-to-school shoppers, who will be scouring for deals in industries ranging from clothing and shoes to electronics and cleaning supplies.That, combined with the wide timeframe in which consumers shop, makes the back-to-school 2019 shopping season a crucial time of year for any brand.In school, we were all taught to back up our claims with actual data, right? We're committed to delivering exceptional and measurable results.Social Media is Good Medicine for Healthcare Marketing,Google Outlines Three Online Advertising Trends,5 Messaging Strategies of Successful Branding Firms,Study Shows Organic SEO Significantly Undervalued by Marketers,Dos Equis Gives New Meaning to Mobile Marketing,Search Marketing Spend Rises Attribution Mobile Analytics Remain Big Concerns,Facebook Displays New Tools for Developing Audience Network Native Ads,Old Spice Gives Its Ad Campaign A Fresh Spin,Surprise! The long, lazy days of summer may be a nightmare for some retailers as their sales take a nosedive. Clothing is still a big concern for kids and summer remains the heart of the season.

But, it’s also different—using mobile devices to shop is on the rise and Amazon is encroaching on many different areas.For more details on this year’s shopping trends, check out the full infographic.Subscribe to receive marketing advice, inspiration & insights.Our success is measured by yours. COVID-19 has created a difficult environment for parents to navigate and has changed how they’re planning for the school year. All rights reserved.54% of back-to-school shopping occurs online, and of that, 56% is for college and 49% is for K-12,53% ($15.1B) of 2018’s back-to-school shopping spend was on clothing and accessories,K-12 families plan to spend the most on clothing and accessories, while college families plan to spend the most on electronics,The electronic gadgets category is expected to grow by,The earlier consumers start shopping, the more they’re expected to spend.Your email address will not be published.back-to-school is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year,breakdown of the month-to-month shopping habits,$1,451 before August and $1,074 in August or later,16 trips to stores to stock up on supplies between July and September,Similar to what we see in the holiday season,Teenagers will spend an average of $36.71,11x more assets to test to optimize their creatives,The 2019 Holiday Success Plan for Brands: Wrapping Up the Year With a Profitable Q4,The 2019 Ecommerce Paid Search Report With Industry Insights From Google,Local Campaigns: What They Are & Why Your Brand Should Use Them,Facebook Video: Take Your Advertising Creative to the Next Level,SEO Pillars, Trends, & Best Practices to Optimize for Organic Rankings,Product Feed Optimization: Essential Details Brands Need to Know,Sarah Davis, Content Marketing Specialist.

Now you know about the trends impacting the back-to-school 2019 shopping season. Contact MDG Advertising today at 561-338-7797 or visit mdgadvertising.com. For the Sport of It: How to Know When and If Your Kids are Ready for Sports June 20, 2019. For more details on this year’s shopping trends, check out the full infographic, Back to School 2019: 7 Trends to Watch. Back to school is a great time of year to be a retailer. The Best Back-to-School Fashion for 2020; Style; Best Fall Fashion Trends We Love in 2020; Fashion; Don't Miss Out on These Back to School Supplies; Easy Back to School Outfits for Every Kid; Shop Our Favorite Items for Back to School 2019; The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping Checklist; 30 Back-to-School Beauty Essentials You'll Love Share. 18 February, 2020 • Updated 11 days ago. MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with offices in Boca Raton and Brooklyn, NY, is one of Florida’s top branding firms. Updated July 2019. … [Infographic]. Why is that? So, let’s dig into some of the most staggering stats around the back-to-school shopping season.For starters, I just told you that the back-to-school shopping spans from April to September – a total of.Of course, the volume of shopping varies from month to month. Get in touch today and find out how UPS can help you pass back-to-school 2019 with flying colors. About us. “Back to school… Ace your back-to-school sales, and then get planning for the next holiday.

It’s back-to-school time and brands are doing all they can to capture consumers’ attention.

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